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Morningstar Church TV on 01-Jul-21-21:59:26

Morningstar Church TV on 01-Jul-21-21:59:26

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Morning Star impacts the world through sharing, caring, commitment and productivity. We are deeply committed to the community and over the past five decades Morning Star has changed and saved thousands of lives by:

Distributing over $172,000 free Thanksgiving “complete meal” baskets Awarding over $280,000 in scholarships to high school and college students who have demonstrated demonstrating academic excellence and leadership in the communityProviding transportation to 4000+ individuals unable to get to/from Sunday worship serviceDistributing over 700 toys to under-privileged children in group homes and those less fortunateProviding temporary food and shelter for over 1001 homeless individuals Fed more than 28,000 individuals through our food pantry and soup kitchen Providing all types of substance abuse counseling for more than 1200 individuals Men's community walk, reducing crime tremendously
And, the list goes on and on.


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